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3M™ SandBlaster™ Sandpaper Rolls


SandBlaster sandpaper rolls...

  • sand up to 3 x faster and last up to 3 x longer than conventional abrasives of comparable grits
  • are ideal for sanding flat areas
  • provide the flexibility to decide the size of your sandpaper, as the rolls can be cut to whatever length you require
  • provide extra value for money when using a lot of sandpaper

Sanding application

Available as...


3 sheet value packs

  • 115mm x 2.5m Rolls
  • 115mm x 5m Rolls

Both available in 80 grit for stripping paint and removing varnish & other coatings, 120 grit for sanding bare surfaces and 180 grit for sanding between coats.

Sandpaper Rolls range

Want to use SandBlaster abrasives with power tools?

SandBlaster sandpaper rolls can be used on a power tool, we'd recommend that you use our SandBlaster abrasives for power tools. These are custom-made to provide the ultimate performance with power tools.

Power tools range

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