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Emirates NBD rebrand their sign identity with 3M solutions following a merger of their respective banks in Dubai.

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

Two well known banks both based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates took a decision to merge their financial banking operations to compete more effectively in the middle eastern market. A new visual identity was required for the new organisation, following the decision to call the bank ‘Emirates NBD’.

Working closely with the brand, properties and engineering teams at the bank’s head offices in Dubai, the 3M Gulf team discussed all aspects of the new external signage identity which the consumer would come to recognise.

Utilising corporate dark blue with secondary colours of yellow and white, the bank set out to convey a high quality sign image and the bank’s project manager, Mr Sridar, was insistent on selecting materials that would provide not only the exact colour specification but also that could deliver the correct long term durability in a tough climate and environment.

3M, working alongside, local sign manufacturer, Thomas Benette and project management consultancy, Endpoint, recommended a special custom-manufactured graphic film which was signed-off as meeting the brand guidelines. In addition, as there was a desire to have no visible joints in the sign fascia, so a flexible sign substrate would be needed rather than plastic sheet.

3M™ Panaflex™ 945 series was sampled, tested and specified because of its durability and toughness and because it is warranted by 3M against fading and blow out.

To date, the new Emirates NBD Bank has rebranded over 120 retail branches in the Emirates.