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Millenium BCP Bank identity refresh focuses on strongly enforced specification control and audit surveys all managed through 3M Portugal.

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

Banco Comercial Portugues, formed in 1985, and now trading in Portugal and internationally under the Millenium BCP brand, has always had a strong vision of the importance of the development of their brand. The bank started to specify 3M Brand solutions for their retail branch network a few years ago, in both Portugal and Poland with exterior illuminated signage and ATM surround brand designs a strong feature.

Millenium BCP had started to work closely with the 3M Commercial Graphics Division in Lisbon to create specially manufactured custom coloured films with a suitable level of translucency and light diffusion, that when applied to either white acrylic or flexible sign substrates and backlit with tubes or led’s, would project a superb night-time, as well as daytime image for the bank’s brand.

In addition, the bank needed a material that would withstand the effects of uv rays, dirt, pollution and other effects of sign weathering, and that would be warranted by its maker for a set period of years. The 3M material specification in place and the custom ‘Millenium BCP primary colour’ made, the network was rebranded by approved local signage companies.

Several years later, some specific wear and tear issues on some of the signs led to an investigation by the bank, revealing that the 3M specifications had not, in all cases, been followed and some rectification was necessary. 3M was awarded the task by the bank of auditing and surveying all sites in Portugal to advise on whether the 3M materials had been used or not, and to take control of the enforcement of the specification on any new replacement signs. 3M, at the same time, was able to produce the main material in a more economical way and to save the bank significant costs on any new signage.

Owing to this experience, Millenium BCP are aware of the critical importance of liaising directly with 3M and working together to ensure a tight material specification that guarantees a long term quality solution.