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Brand Identity at Rombouts in Belgium

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

No company can survive without any form of brand identity, not even Rombouts. In 2005 they started their search for a new and younger company image. They wanted people to notice them, they wanted to be seen. The device of Rombouts was still “Increase the notoriety of Rombouts by associating Rombouts with a delicious cup of coffee”.

All of 3M films used on their vans are reflective and therefore the vans can be seen both day and night. The image of a nice cup of coffee and the large logo were cut out of this reflective graphic film as well.

Rombouts also opted for the contour markings 3M™ Diamond Grade™ 983 to outline the vans. Not only can the vans be seen every minute of the day, they also guarantee extra security for the drivers. Fewer accidents happen and thus a lot of damage costs are being saved.

A few characteristics had to be taken in account while choosing the right films. They needed to last the entire lifetime of the car or at least for the time of the leasing contract. Also the films had to be resistant against high pressure purifiers and car washes. And last but not least they had to be easily removed when the leasing contract expired. The 3M films matched all of these expectations.