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X5 Retail create dramatic new sign identity with 3M special effect solutions

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

It’s a well known fact to all brand and advertising creatives that attractive exterior signs are a fundamental requirement in the creation of a memorable retail brand experience. Good quality, highly visible and well designed signs become ‘the face’ of the store and provide a first impression which must be fresh, bright and different ! By achieving this, a retail brand can more easily capture passing interest and instinctively pull - the curious and the loyal - customer into their stores and shops.

External signs vary in their designs and structure of course, but the trend for using illuminated channel letters particularly in the Russian market gives some interesting advantages, especially when differential colours are used.

X5 Retail Group’s chain of Russian supermarkets had decided to rebrand all aspects of their offer, with particularly special attention given to creating a new sign identity for the outside of their retail outlets.

The brand and team in question – ‘Perekrestok’, worked closely with the 3M brand solutions team in Moscow, whilst the 3M international team worked with their retail branding agency, SCG in the UK; 3M’s local and global organisation allows focussed project development in any location.

One of the key challenges posed by X5 was how to maintain brand colour consistency to the primary colour palette – blue - by day, but to dramatically increase the visibility and attention to the sign at night against a backdrop of dark buildings.

3M introduced a special custom ‘dual colour’ material effect consistent with the X5 Brand guidelines that would allow the internally illuminated channel letters to appear ‘Perekrestok Blue’ during the day, but appear white during the night, when the lights were switched on, thereby helping achieve the brand objectives.